The Fat Lady Bar and Restaurant first opened its doors on
May 14, 1970. It was the creation of Louis and Patricia Shaterian,
who, along with their three daughters, Patricia, Karen, and Cori,
started this family tradition. The current owners are Jerry and
Patricia Rossi. The third generation are now taking their places
in this family tradition.
Here's Our Story . . .  The first thing you notice when you
walk into the Fat Lady is the Victorian décor. Eye catching
Tiffany lamps, beveled glass doors, bentwood chairs,
beautiful stained and leaded glass signs, and the other
delightful collectibles work their magic to take you
back to another place and time. The result is a
 relaxing and fun atmosphere.

Still there is more than meets the eye...Every piece of memorabilia
has a story. If you're sitting at the bar and ask, the bartender might
tell you that the back bar originally came from around the horn at
the turn of the century and in more recent history from Mike's
Pool Hall of San Francisco. The bartender might also point
out the exit sign that was purchased from San Francisco's
classic Fox Theatre when it was torn down years ago.
Other antique signs came from the old breweries.
Why the Fat Lady? People always ask,
"How did the Fat Lady get its name?" Well,
there  are  two stories.   Fact  and  legend.
Fact has it that when Louis Shaterian owned
the  original   Overland   House,   a  superior
court   judge  told  him  about a nude painting
his  son  had  painted of a pleasingly plump lady.
This  aroused  Lou's  curiosity.  He  was  taken  to  view the painting and upon seeing it, decided it was definitely unique but he
wasn't  quite sure what to do with it. The judge suggested it should hang in the new restaurant Lou and his wife, Patricia, were
about  to  open  and  thus became the namesake of the Fat Lady Bar and Restaurant. Now maybe this story is too mundane so
we've  created a legend. Factual history has it that the Fat Lady building (built in 1884) was once a house of ill repute and who
could  have been its madame? Our very own Fat Lady, of course! Rumors also say that Jack London slept here. Considering he lived  within  walking  distance,  maybe  . . .  just  maybe  he  did  know  the  infamous   Fat  Lady .     We'll  let  you  decide.
201 Washington Street
Oakland, CA 94607
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